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Volunteer Guardian Program

Our Volunteer Guardian Program serves Dane County adults age 60 and over who are in need of a guardian due to such conditions as advanced dementia or chronic mental illness, and who have no family members or friends able to act as one. Our program recruits and trains volunteers to serve as legal guardians for these individuals.

Volunteers for this program must complete an application, undergo a criminal background check, and have positive references. We ask them to commit to a minimum of two years as volunteers. During their guardianship they receive on-going training, support and guidance from our Volunteer Coordinator.

Our volunteers may serve as guardian of person, guardian for an estate, or both. The specific needs of the older adult and the preferences and abilities of the volunteer are taken into account in the assignment process.

A guardian for a person visits the person regularly, makes decisions regarding care such as the place of residence and medical needs, maintains regular contact with caregivers, acts to ensure that the person is receiving optimal care, and reports annually to the court on the person's welfare.

A guardian for an estate receives and manages all income and assets on the person's behalf, pays all bills for care and other needs, and makes an annual financial accounting to the court.

South Madison Coalition of the Elderly's Volunteer Guardianship Program was developed in 2002 and includes 60 or more volunteers serving at any one time. To learn more about this program, call us at 608-251-8405.